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We live in an era where almost everything one envisions can be made a reality. Some years back, it was difficult for one to ascertain the originality of their documents, but not anymore. There are several platforms online and software that provides plagiarism checker services. We offer the best free plagiarism checker. In a couple of seconds, you get to confirm the authenticity of your document.

Plagiarism is a serious writing offense in all circles. Whether it is web content or academic work, originality and uniqueness are preferred. Taking someone else’s work or material and claiming it to be your own is plagiarism. Of course, to back up your opinion in a paper or article, you may want to refer to works by other people. Under such circumstances, using quotation marks and citing the source will be necessary to avoid making your content appear plagiarized. Our free online plagiarism checker will help you check your documents originality while at same time note sources of the copied material.

What is a Plagiarism Checker?

The internet and technology, in general, have revolutionized all industries in ways far beyond what we ever imagined. It has become easy to complete tasks with much efficiency. However, the advancements realized are not without shortcomings. The internet has been a blessing when it comes to writing, providing unlimited resources that one can refer to. Initially, there were those who would lift content from other works without making any attribution. That is wrong as plagiarism, like stealing, is an offense worldwide. Thanks to the internet, those who plagiarize content can no longer get away with it, and our online plagiarism checker can help with that.

Our plagiarism detector tool notes which parts of the document are not the author’s original work. For some time, only standalone software was used to detect plagiarism in documents but that since changed. Today, like a lot of other software on the market, the majority of the plagiarism detection software have been replaced with web applications. As a result, we have plagiarism checker free online.

Therefore, a plagiarism checker is a tool that anyone can use to detect plagiarism in a document. All you have to do is go online google plagiarism checker, and you will have a list of options to choose from, ours included.

Perks of Using Our Plagiarism Checker

Get our plagiarism checker free online that means no fee necessary. However, we have the premium version which requires payment as it comes with extra benefits compared to the free version. It is the best plagiarism checker and here is why:

  • It is a free online plagiarism checker with percentage. That means it will point out exactly which parts of the document are plagiarized. Although using quotes helps point our which areas refer to other works, they are times a deliberate form of plagiarism that should be avoided.
  • You can check up to 2000 words per search for the free version while premium users have the liberty to search up to 25,000 words.
  • It’s a plagiarism checker for students pointing out unintentional plagiarism which happens a lot.
  • It’s a free plagiarism checker for teachers. There are different types of students, there are some dedicated to their work and will do whatever it takes to write original content. However, there are those who will waste no time, lifting content online and from other students. So, teachers will benefit from the checker noting students who have committed plagiarism offense.
  • Anyone can use our free plagiarism checker online.

There is no limit to the number of searches one can make with our plagiarism checker online.

Why Do You Need a Plagiarism Checker?

With the penalties of plagiarism becoming steeper all over the world, professional writers must get ahead of all forms of internet plagiarism. Any writer must have an efficient and reliable plagiarism checker at hand all the time to get on top of internet plagiarism. On this regard, we implore you to check out our free plagiarism checker to assess its application in your setting. We offer the best free plagiarism checker by the following essential criteria:

  • Deep plagiarism checking
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Multiple user login capabilities
  • Essential type writing offline tools
  • Downloadable add-ons and software
  • Premium plagiarism checker

With the plagiarism checker free online tools, you can check for plagiarism and proofread all your articles at the same time. Students and teachers alike use similar parameters for plagiarism checking. As such, a single online plagiarism checker, like this one we offer, can sufficiently satisfy all their requirements. For students, this plagiarism checker guarantees A+ grades and improves the writing experience with time.

The best plagiarism checker should serve all writers from different backgrounds be it academic or commercial. Our free online plagiarism offers the most potent plagiarism package with capabilities similar to high-end premium products. Professional writers have come to rely on our products and even some highly experienced writers have commended the efficiency and reliability we offer.

A reliable plagiarism online checker should offer more tools to compliment the plagiarism checking. These tools can include type-setting and proofreading tools such as spell-checkers and grammar tools. Our package provides some creative tools only found in premium products for increasing efficiency in essential writing elements like vocabulary enhancement. You need a plagiarism checker that improves the writing experience and boosts the overall outcome for every single article.

How the Free Online Plagiarism Checker Works

Our plagiarism checker online has gained trust all over worldwide from over 30 million professional writers, students, and teachers who rely on it daily. Evade all the nasty consequences plagiarism attracts by running all your articles through our free online plagiarism checker. We have designed its interface to offer the most efficient usage even to new users who have little or no experience with plagiarism checkers.

The free online plagiarism checker with percentage progress indicator gives you the ability to accurately determine the amount of plagiarism in any article you check. So you can quickly achieve the plagiarism percentage limitations set out in particular tasks. The percentage indicator offers the most reliable and efficient way of controlling plagiarism throughout different sections of the article.

We have tailored the plagiarism checker free online products for various categories as follows:

Plagiarism checker for students

The plagiarism checker for students offers robust tools for identifying and eliminating plagiarism. Any student who wishes to use the plagiarism tools we offer online must first register on our website for valid membership. Our online community proudly boasts the over 15 million student membership since we introduced this free online plagiarism checker for students package under a decade ago.

Free plagiarism checker for teachers

Another exciting package available in our inventory is a free plagiarism checker for teachers. This package was tailored specifically for teachers from any location globally to help identify plagiarism incidences in articles submitted by students. This product outperformed the expectations we projected when it was launched a few years ago and has managed to penetrate a network of over 10 million teachers.

Free plagiarism checker for professional writers

We usually think of providing an inclusive plagiarism checker package for students, teachers, and professional writers. Even though universal standards across these groups define plagiarism, there are other different tools and application distinct to each one of them. On this regard, we crafted a package to suit professional writers who deal with non-academic articles. This package employs robust algorithms similar to those used in the google plagiarism checker but with premium charges.

Try the Best Plagiarism Checker

Your search for the best plagiarism checker has come to an end. Our free online plagiarism checker for students, teachers and other professional writers will sort you out as needed. We understand that most of the time the plagiarism is unintentional, and our checker will come in handy, helping you ensure that your work is 100% unique.