Personal Narrative Essay Ideas

Personal Narrative Essay Ideas
About Personal Narrative Essays

What is a personal narrative paper? Well, in a narrative essay, you are simply sharing your unique personal experiences with your readers. However, this is not to say that you should treat your paper like a bedtime story. No! Instead, connect your experiences to a specific context, for example, a key lesson learned. In a personal narrative paper, you are not only entertaining your readers but also educating them through real-life examples.

Therefore, you’ll need to draw inspiration from various fields in your life. Some of the most suitable narrative essay topics here include:

  • Special life experiences
  • Interesting Childhood memories
  • Imagine if’ personal narrative papers
  • Your relationships
  • Morality
Personal Narrative Essay Ideas on Your Special Life Experiences

We are sure that many things have happened throughout your life. While some might have brought good tidings, others brought forgettable moments. Whichever the case, use such events to create a powerful personal narrative essay, and here are a few examples:

  1. Describe The Happiest Moment In Your Life
  2. Explain The Greatest Milestone In Your Life So Far
  3. What Is The Greatest Life Challenge You’ve Encountered?
  4. A Time When You Came Together As A Family To Help Each Other
  5. Describe An Event Which Made You Feel Like Taking Your Own Life
  6. A Conflict With A Sibling Or Family Member That Has Never Quite ‘Healed.’
  7. Experience In Starting A New Job
  8. Talk About A Sudden Act Of Kindness In Your Narrative Speech
  9. The Biggest Risk You’ve Ever Taken
  10. An Act Of Heroism That Will Live Long In Your Life
Personal Narrative Essay Examples on Emotional Childhood Memories

We all love and miss our childhood. From the excusable recklessness to the constant pampering and love, this is arguably the best period in one’s life. It’s also a time filled with fun memories and unforgettable moments. So, in your personal narrative paper, you could talk about the following things:

  1. Your Favorite Elementary School Teacher
  2. A Childhood Travel Experience That You’ll Never Forget
  3. A Childhood Dream That Still Inspires You Today
  4. Your Best Christmas Gift
  5. Which Was Your Best Childhood Pet?
  6. Your Favorite Childhood Games
  7. Explain The Most Important Lessons You Learned From Your Older Siblings
  8. The Junk Foods You Enjoyed Eating While Growing Up
  9. A Memorable Elementary School Dance Experience
  10. Which Superhero Inspired Your Young Life?
Imagine If’ Personal Narrative Examples

A narrative essay topic which starts with the phrase ‘imagine if’ requires a great deal of creativity. Such subtopics are quite popular among students as they allow them to write almost anything. For instance, here are some personal narrative examples that should intrigue your imagination:

  1. Imagine If You Owned A Time Machine, Which Point In Time Would You Go To?
  2. Imagine If You Work Up One Day As An Animal, Which One Do You Think You Would Be?
  3. Imagine If You Were A Professional Football Player, Which Team Do You Think You Would Play For?
  4. Imagine If You Had A Lot Of Wealth, How Would You Spend Your Huge Amount Of Cash?
  5. Imagine If You Were A Superhero, Which Power Do You Feel You Should Have?
  6. Imagine If Aliens Were To Invade The Earth, Do You Think The Human Race Would Survive?
  7. Imagine If You Ran Into Your Favorite Hollywood Movie Star, What Would You Tell Him Or Her?
  8. Imagine If You Were A Pro-Boxer, Do You Think You Can Beat Floyd Mayweather?
  9. Imagine If You Had A Tiger For A Pet, How Would You Train It?
  10. Imagine If You Were To Go Anywhere In This World, Which Location Would You Pick?
Personal Narrative Ideas on Your Relationships

Our lives are full of relationships whether good or bad. We all carry sad and beautiful memories of our families, beloved people, and friends. So, when you are asked to come up with personal narrative ideas on the different relationships in your life, what should you talk about? Well, here are a few captivating narrative essay topics:

  1. The Most Terrible Breakup You Wish You Had Never Experienced
  2. Describe The Most Important Person In Your Life
  3. An Occasion Or Event When You Experienced Rejection
  4. A Ridiculous Misunderstanding Or Joke You Had With A Friend
  5. Talk About The Most Awful Argument With Your Parents In Your Narrative Speech
  6. How Long Do You Think You Can Be In Love With Someone?
  7. Explain Your First Love Experience And How It Changed Your Life
  8. Talk About The Trustworthy And Loyal Friends In Your Life
  9. Which Family Member Would You Hate To Lose?
  10. Describe A ‘Love At First Sight’ Experience!
What is a Personal Narrative Essay on Morality?

In every state or country in the world, everyone has to follow the laws of the land. However, there are others which regulate the lives of people on a greater scale. These are the laws of morality and ethics.

Morality presents a rich array of unsolved issues and a solution, and in your essay, you will need to make a choice. So, if you want to know how to write a personal narrative essay on this topic, start with these ideas:

  1. Which Is The Most Difficult Moral Decision You’ve Had To Make
  2. The Most Rebellious Act In Your Life
  3. Which Morality Problems Bother You And Why
  4. The Most Negative Example Of Cowardice You’ve Ever Seen
  5. Talk About A Personal Morality Challenge You Often Go Through
  6. Can You Recall The Lies You’ve Told In Your Life
  7. How Well Do You Treat The Less Fortunate And Strangers?
  8. How Often Do You Eavesdrop On People?
The Bottom Line

From the above information, you can clearly see that learning how to write a personal narrative paper that’s appealing depends on the topic that you’ll choose. Remember that even small events could serve as perfect personal narrative essay ideas. Good luck!

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